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Hey folks,

Have a 2014 FK9 Tourer DTEC 1.6 and bought a towbar supposedly suitable for fitting (Tow Trust THON6VK - https://www.wezmorrell.co.uk/product/civic-tourer-2014-tow-trust-detachable-towbar-thon6vk/). Bumper off, aluminium impact bar off and trying to fit the damn thing and simply can't get it to go on. Realise that by the boot latch there is a small black electrical box which is in the way (photo). Much thinking before I decided that hacking into it probably wasn't a smart idea so gave up and re-assembled the car.

Trying to download the various specs from Honda Maris (but their server is currently down?). Wondered if anyone had heard of similar issues and what exactly the box is.... I am contemplating removing it and waterproofing the inners to allow fitting the bar, as I'm sure sending it back and getting a different model will take a good few weeks and be a lot of faff.

Cheers for your thoughts,
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