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Trying to pass inspection MA

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Ok so I have to pass inspection. I was fbo with rdx injectors but I decided to take parts out to make my car passable. I put my ecu back to stock, put my catalytic converters back and even put a 2.5 inch intake pipe to not have a cel pop up. Also put my stock injectors back but I keep getting a P0172 code. Only thing I didn’t put back is my stock im I still have my rbc on. Does anyone know if the rbc plays a role in this code? I figure it’s just a manifold that lets air in does it really affect how the car runs stock? Any help would be appreciated!
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Hey guys I’m back. So I managed to pass the car for inspection with the modifications I already have on the car. A lot of y’all were saying I should put the car back to stock and I was about too but my issue eventually came down to my tune on the car. This is a long post but ere’s what I did to FINALLY get my car inspected here in MA.

I managed to not get a CEL, have all sensors ready and pass inspection by flashing the car with a “factory tune” and putting a 410 cc injector size. This worked with me with my modifications which are acuity’s CAI, RBC intake manifold, and RDX injectors. I had to put my stock downpipe back because of emission too and as for the catback I still kept my Q300.

I don’t know how much damage I did to my engine running this tune for 300-400 miles, or running the car with no intake filter but I managed to pass. I floored it twice just for the hell of it. I did also get on average 7-11 knock counts.

However, my situation was unique because I technically had to pass inspection twice. Here in MA if you fail inspection twice at an inspection station you get your car flagged in the system. You then have to go to a special place called “MAC” to get your car checked to see if the flag can be removed. I failed once and when the second time rolled around to get inspected my car was already flagged.

Came to find out it was because of my tune. When I first got inspected I had my secondary O2 sensor off and that alerted the state that I had a custom tune which resulted in sending me straight to the MAC center. So until I got my flag removed by MAC I couldn’t get inspected.

I had to have my cats and OEM tune back on the car. I did everything I could to make the car feel and look stock as possible. When I couldn’t figure out what to do that’s when I came to yall. But even after putting my ecu back to stock the system kept saying my car did not have a OEM tune.

So I had to go to a dealership and told them I needed to get my car checked to see if I had any custom tune. I had to flash the car to stock with stock injectors. CEL came on but I told them I already knew why it was on I just needed to show my car didn’t have a custom tune. I had to pay $148 for the service but in the end they gave me a receipt saying there was no custom tune.

After that dealership visit I put the RDX injectors back in and drove the car until the sensors were ready. Went back to the MAC and showed them the receipt which was enough for the people to raise the flag off my car. After 2 months of trying to figure out how to cheat the system I managed to get my inspection sticker. After I got my inspection the next day I swapped out my stock downpipe for a PLM catted downpipe and put my custom tune back on. Life has been great since.

Thanks for all your help guys appreciate it. Hope anyone out there can find this info useful.
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Not sure why the dealer would need to be involved. Couldn't you have just "returned to stock" and removed the flashpro from the car? Would have been the same result? Or are you saying you had to show proof that your car was repaired hence the dealership receipt.
Either way, what a pain and I'm glad you got it sorted.

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Yeah I needed proof to show it was stock
Well also in mass, once you reach a certain dollar amount in attempting to repair, they can still give you a sticker to try again next year.

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Wasn’t there the case for me lol
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