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Tuning in Massachusetts

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So i want to get my car tuned.
I will purchase a flashPro where ever i need to but, I would really like to get a dyno tune, or at least get some dyno number while starting an etune.

With that said, the only Hondata dealer in Mass is PSI Import Tuning.

PSI Import Tuning:: Auburn Massachusetts

Does anyone have experience with this shop?
Should i even bother, or just go to VitTuned and grab 3 pulls from dyno after the fact?

I am just looking for more information b4 i pull the trigger on a FlashPro.

Thanks in advance,

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i went back and forth with this too. In the end, i went with Vit. I am in the process of tuning with him right now. Car already feels so much better. and vtec is insane now. I can actually feel/hear the difference. If you plan on going with vit, order the flashpro and tune through him, he offers a discount when they are ordered together.
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