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Well, I just canceled my HFP kit. I do not want to spend that much money for what I would get right now. I am going to start adding the bits I want piece by piece, which is actually half the fun of modding your car.

I decided to do the footwell/underdash red lighting first. I ordered this (NFLS-SS-x300 Super Slim Flexible Light Strip) to start with. I purchased 2 meters of it in a single strip and will cut it down to suit the application as needed. Based on specs alone, a 19.5" length (1/2 meter) will produce as much light as a 10w incandescent light bulb but we will see. The HFP footwell lighting isn't very bright from what I have seen. If I have to double the strips up, I can.

Once I receive the parts (Friday), I will take photos throughout the installation process and document the wire locations, mounting points, etc.

(After this, it's HID Projector's up front for Lowbeams and HID upgrade for the fog lights, and possibly red ambient lighting inside the front grill.)
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