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Hello all. Heard there were a couple ILX owners here so figured Id jump on board too. Rumor has it we may get our own section. :eek3dancesmiley:

Bought my 2013 Acura ILX 2.0Tech in Polished Metal Metallic in the beginning of February '13. I left the DC Squad that day and said farewell to my beloved 1994 BG33p Integra ls. That was the first car I cared to mod. Started a little ricey and ended on a really good note. Selling her for only $500 less than I bought after 6 years of use.

Quick background with the Integra.
Bought her as so with 17in wheels everything else stock.. only two previous owners same household.

Sold her like this. Very simply build.

I was ready for a new car. Ready to take a step up into something luxury.. be it entry level. Sold her for the down payment on the ILX.

Brought the new ILX to the factory a week later to get the factory installs done.
Splash guards
Rear side and back window 20% tint
All season floor mats
trunk tray

Bought some LaminX fog light covers to keep the rock chipping at bay and change the output color to something better suited for fog.

For anyone thinking about using these they are great.
Easy to apply. Just clean the surface, unpeel the film and you get a couple chances to apply before the adhesive starts to wear.
I lined it up on the bottom and they look great.

Output was not as yellow as I wanted, that gets addressed in the future.

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And after seeing this

It was time for some springs.

Did some edits to check it out.

Here is one with a black gloss grill.

I loved it so I did it.

In come the springs.

New height. Great improvement. Handles much better and looks much cleaner.

Installation wasn't fun. Axel popped out more than once during installation. Got it figured out and all was good.

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I started doing some more photoshopping to pull ideas together for the wheels.

Rotiform BLQs

Volk RE30s

Work Kais

Work Euroline SLs

CCW Classics or some shet

Work Meisters (17s)

Desmond Evos

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Decided to change the front end up a bit.
I added a STI splitter style lip until I had enough for the OEM lip.

The front plate before taking it off.

More shots of the lip.

Then got a great overcast day at work.

Saw this and fell in love so I treid it with plastidip.

On my car.

I loved when people said it didnt match. Btch its grey and tan. Sht goes together fine.

Had an interesting day taking pics.

Ran into a peacock.

Then a wrecked Audi.

Check out Africa.

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the tint looks A LOT darker then 80%
My bad. I always say it wrong. I got 80% tint put on... so I guess I should have said I have 20% visibility. 20% is the number you're looking for.
At black diamond where I get my tint done they have so much traffic they just put it on a 1/5 stage tinting. 1 being around 90% visibility to 5 being limo. I got stage 4.

And thank you for the kind words sir!! She is a work in progress. Few more updates to share.

Two more chops.
Work Meisters in a more VIP sizing.

VIP Modular VX110

3SDM 0.05

Wash and wax

Tried a black grill for shts and giggles.

Just plastidip

Then some more plastidip for the wheels.
Black didn't stay for long but the white is still going strong.

In this last shot you can see how car under the lip actually sits. I address this in the future as well.

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Work Meisters in a more VIP sizing

Those two are my favorite. I figured that's what you were talking about with the tint. I have mine at 20% and it looked about the same. Any performance mods in the future?

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Time to work on some lighting a bit.
I felt the halogen DRLs didnt match the nice Xenon low beams so I swapped them out.

I kept hearing that LED DRLs would not allow for high beam output. That they only run at one output and wont intensify when high beams are engaged. I later found this to be false.
But anyways... here are the Nokya Arctic White Halogens I found.

OEM left. Nokya right.

Both in.

Then found this.

Looked familiar to me...

Creepy. hahaha

New license plate LEDs.

Its clear which ones are new LEDs vs halogen bulbs.

Took a break from lighting when my intake arrived.
Just wanted to clean the bay up a bit and add some bling to the list.
Im a firm believer that oem intakes, especially honda/acura are pretty damn efficient. A SRI was a better option for me looking for a quicker gain in air flow verse a longer but denser pull.

Takeda Retain Short Ram is very popular I have seen.
Does a great job utilizing the oem intake res maximizing the flow of colder air from outside of the bay.
It looks pretty stock but the nice Takeda emblem shows off the aftermarket part well.

Not shots of it on arrival but I here it is inside after I got home and cleaned the bay. One of the hose clamps were stripped by some Acura tech ahole so I ended up taking it down ot my buddies shop. He pulled the stripped screw for me and I did the install in his parking lot. haha

Next picked up a rear lower tie bar from Megan. Painted it white to match my wheels.

Left the rear plastic under-guard off. It did a good job of cleaning up the rear underside but I wanted to show off the tie bar.

Last shot of the black grill before taking that off.

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I'm glad to see you here !
Glad to be here. Came over because I saw your post with spdnpwr.

Work Meisters in a more VIP sizing

Those two are my favorite. I figured that's what you were talking about with the tint. I have mine at 20% and it looked about the same. Any performance mods in the future?
I love the BBS style. Wont be getting anything baller for my first set sadly. Probably going with some 19x8.5 BBS LM reps. After that it'll probably be some real legit mesh designs or those work meisters/SSRs.

White wheels, oem grill. Much better IMO.

Front shot. Nokya DRLs make the headlights glow blue when off.

Old shots

Drive way fun.

Found this on instagram >_<

I work at gun range. Took some shots on the skeet field.

Got a gift from a vendor here.. YoSpeed.

His photo..

New additions before throwing them on.

And in.

End this post with natures car wash...

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Any performance mods in the future?
Sorry forgot to answer this. Most definitely my friend.
I made up a shopping list a lil while back..

Bold is on the to-buy list. Non-bold is installed.

Takeda Retain SRI/CAI
downpipe - megan
exhaust - magnaflow custom 2.5-2.75/vibrant/megan
intake manifold - weaponR
intake revamp - blox/heatwrap/spectre
throttle body and spacer - p2r/maxbore
Then Finally FlashPro! And lots of weight reduction.

H&R Sport Springs
Megan Racing Rear Tie-bar
rear sway bar - eibach/asr
camber kit - asr
front & rear bracing - cusco/megan/custom
brake kit from a TL

Black Diamond 20% tint all around
OEM splash guards
OEM front lip and STI retrofit lip
White iJDMtoy HighIntensity Reverse Lights
White LED licence plate lights
Cree LED 80w DRLs
Nokya Yellow Stage1 fogs
LaminX fog covers
Rear window visor
debadge maybe
vinyl gloss black roof
lightly smoked head-lights, tail-lights, and reflector
side and rear OEM kit
vip time- jp/dad/custom

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Around the same time I got the Nokya Arctic whites I also got Nokya Arctic Yellow... yellow ice? hmmm..
Output is so gold. I love it.
Only shot I had showing it was the one at the gun range with the headlights/fogs on.

Got a front tint/no plate ticket. Damn 5-0
No tint. Screw the front plate.

New toy.

Another new toy.

Out with the old...

Nokya Arctic White

In with the new..

Cree LED 16w DRLs with resistors.

Plugged in.

Quickly decided I wanted the higher watt Cree LEDs. These ebing only 16w, I quickly purchased a set of 80watts and figured Id use the same resistors.
Not shots of the 16s output... You already saw the Nokya output in the picture of the Illuminati/Free Mason symbol.
This is the new 80w in DRL mode..

And here once Ive clicked on the high beams..

Got a rear window visor.

Oh and I plastidipped my rear emblems a while back..

A mugen chop I did..

Mugen Accord Wagon front bumper/grill, Mugen TSX skirts/visors. Acura OEM Jewel eye headlights, and lowered.


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OEM Front lip came in so got my buddy to install it at his shop while I worked.
First time getting something done by someone other than myself so I was nervous.
Happily came home to this..

Shots parked at work

Had a new sti lip that had been sitting in my garage for weeks.
Finally got around to installing it to the new oem lip. Fits like a champ.

So much more aggressive. I love it.

And it sticks out so much more than the first time installing. Love it.

And some instagram shots as of most recent...

Tax return will finally bring new wheels. Almost here!!
As well, looking into starting my exhaust soon.

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everyone on this forum is very friendly & helpful... you will enjoy the forum better than the acura forums.

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