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Video on i-MID (imid: DVD wired in)

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I just finished wiring in a DVD player to play through the factory i-MID screen and thought I would share.


I got the idea after reading through this DIY

Heres the link for removing the panels

I also used this led kit to get the pins for the i-MID connector

I used this dvd player

these are the 2 circuit adders I used and 16 awg wiring for everything

and finally a basic toggle switch I got from Autozone for about $5

Sorry I deleted the pictures I took while doing it off my camera.

Here is a basic wiring diagram of how it is wired
View attachment 18742
First remove all the panels as per the previous link.

I cut open one end of the yellow video RCA cable like in the reverse camera DIY
The center wire I attached to one of the pinned wires from the led kit and put that into spot 19 of the i-MID connector. The outer shield wire I grounded.
The other end of the RCA video cable plugs into the DVD player

For the switch one wire goes to the 12v power. I used the add a circuit and used fuse #19.
The other end of the switch gets connected to another of the pinned wires from the led kit and goes to spot 14 of the i-MID connector. What this does is it tells the i-MID module to switch to the rear camera video signal. Instead of getting the video input from a rear camera, it will get it from the DVD player.

The audio RCA cables from the dvd player go into an adapter that plugs into the auxilary port next to the front accessory outlet.

The DVD player just needed a ground and I ran the power to fuse #40 using another add a link.

check everything before putting the panels back on. The pins that are added into the connector might not have a good connection at first and need to be adjusted.

With the key in the on position turn the toggle switch on. The screen will switch over regardless if the dvd player is on. The first time you do this you will have the alignment yellow guide lines across the whole screen. Go to the camera option menu by holding down the menu and source buttons. Move all the line alignments to the bottom left. It takes awhile to do it. I had a movie playing while I did.

Thats pretty much it. If you can do basic wiring it really is a very simple thing to wire. The most pain was taking the top panel off. I hope I got everything covered.
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That....is sick!
Okay...I'm diagram inclined, that one doesn't make sense to me lol Maybe some more pics of the actual install? This is something I REALLY want to do. Way too cool not to have.

EDIT: Never mind, I totally didn't see the edit of the first post! THANKS!!!
1 - 2 of 78 Posts
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