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I'm not a photo nut or very good photographer so give me a hand! Post your Honda Accessory photos in this thread and if they are "sweeeeeet" as Cartman would say I'll give you prime real estate on our web site. Pretty cool huh?

::photo rules::

1. Your images must be good quality.
2. Your license plate number should be covered up.
3. No naughty decals. Any car models in the photos must have clothes on. (Our web site is G-Rated)
4. By posting your photos in this thread you give me permission to post them.

::What College Hills Honda will do::

1. Put a picture of your accessory or accessories along with said product on our web site.
2. Put your 9thgencivic username with the photo(s) as credit (unless you tell me otherwise).
3. Let thousands of people every month drool over your ride.

Make your pictures sweet. If a better one gets posted yours may disappear from the site. Don't forget to have fun!
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