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Western Mass

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Hey Guys,

Anyone live in Western Mass area with 9th gens?

Maybe we can have a meet when it gets nicer outside
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I'm in western MA, Springfield area. I've seen a few other Si's in the area but mostly 8th gen. In fact, I saw/heard an 8th gen downshift yesterday while I was pumping gas and the amount of sound that came out of their fart can exhaust system was so immense yet the car wasn't really going anywhere.
Yeah man I drive threw holyoke everyday for work and i love when i hear those fart cans.

Its amazing
Ah Holyoke, the place where dreams come true.....and the birthplace of volleyball.
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And here i thought i was going to make some new friends.
Welcome RujoKinJal! I don't think people check in on this thread too much anymore so don't take it personally :wigglesmiley:

How long have you had your Si for? I'm from the Springfield area myself, though I know that Western Mass is REALLY the Berkshires. If you ever see a '12 TW Si coupe running through Westfield or Southwick give a wave. I can also recommend some really good food around this area.
Anyone in mass know of a place to get your car inspected that doesn't check everything? I have 15% window tint, cat-back exhaust, yellow headlights and fog lights, blacked out tail lights. Have tried 6 different places and no1 will inspect my car, I just moved to the sutton/Worcester area from Pennsylvania. Pa laws are like nothing compared to mass. Need help asap! Don't wanna go back to stock!
Did you end up finding a place? I can't imagine many places letting multiple infractions slip by. Your cat-back exhaust shouldn't be an issue but the tint and lights certainly are.
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I do believe, (correct me if i am wrong), the max window tint you can have in mass is 35%
That is correct. 35% is the max for any side or rear window in MA
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