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I replaced the factory sub with a $30 foam woofer with a substantially larger magnet.
New Woofer: BOSS CXX 8
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I've heard that this is difficult on the coupe, but the fit was really easy on the sedan. You do have to remove the back seat backs and a fair amount of trim though.
I desoldered the harness on the OE woofer, then used a 12v A23 battery to figure out which lead was positive. Desoldered the universal connector off the BOSS, and soldered the OE one on.
Now the next part may ruffle some feathers, but I was being extra cheap.
I took my angle grinder and removed the tabs from the OE woofer, and tacked them onto the bottom of the BOSS woofer, dropped it into place, plugged it in, replaced trim, and we're off to the acceptable amount of kick!

It is not a WORLD of difference, but I'd relate it to switching from your cellphone speakers to a $30 bluetooth stereo set, lol. I'll likely do the rear woofers this year, because they are the actual weakest link in the OE sound system.

P.S. I keep the back seat out of my car as the result of winter pausing a project, which saved a lot of time.
16441 - 16444 of 16444 Posts