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What Hondata Base Map Should I Use?

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So I just bought a K Tuned 3.5 inch SRI, and I have an Invidia Q300 Catback exhaust. What basemap should I run? K Tuned’s website says to use a MAP based tune.
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You would want a basemap for a 3.5" intake. The cat-back exhaust is a non-factor.

What K-tuned is talking about is often referred to as a speed density tune. There is no reason to do so on a car with just a few basic mods as there is extra work involved.

Just in case you aren't already planning on getting a custom map from a tuner, please do so. Those are just a starting base (hence the name) and should not be considered "upload-and-done" maps.
Yup, I’m planning on getting a downpipe this month, and then getting it tuned. I’m just impatient and wanted to put the intake on, and to be able to safely drive it until then lol. Thanks a lot!
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