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What needs to be changed in my electrical system for my car to keep up?

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Currently driving a 2015 EX-L w/ no Nav. It's all stock besides some focals I added to the front doors and tweeters.

I am running a Rockford Fosgate 600w RMS amp w/ a Rockford Fosgate 600W RMS 15 P3 Sub.

Whenever the bass hits, my headlights, taillights, and interior lights dim severely. I've never had this happen with any of the other cars I've driven with this configuration (Other compact sedans).

I've seen tons of solutions as for why this may be happening all over the place, but I'm trying to pinpoint a place to start. It is to my knowledge that the 9th gen civic does not have much capacity for upgrading alternators. Because I am completely stock, I should probably start with a better battery? However, I still don't think this would solve my problem as the dimming is occurring while the car is running. I've also seen recommendations for capacitors all over the place, but I've seen just about as many people swear against them.

Anyone with more experience than I want to provide me with some clarity? Much appreciated.
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Potentially looking into a high output alternator or using 2 batteries wired in parallel with the extra one for the audio system. It could also be an issue with improper grounding as well. Maybe do a “big 3” upgrade as well if you haven’t as it’s recommended for upgraded sound systems, which is replacing the charge harness wires (battery, alternator & starter) with thicker ones so that the current flows better. Just some tips but I’m no expert with sound.
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