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Where Do I Run the Power Wire through the Firewall At?

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Where do I run the power wire through the firewall in my 2012 Si Coupe?
Pictures would be really appreciated!

Other Questions...
How easy is it to run the power wire back through the rest of the vehicle?
Which fuse did you tap into for the remote wire?

Much thanks to Fuma419 for posting how to remove the rear deck!
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I did this in an LX, so I don't know if it's the same or if there's a clutch in the way or whatever but here goes:

I used a straightened coat hanger to thread the wire through the firewall. Straighten coat hanger, electric tape an end of your power wire (use alot of tape) to the coathanger and go from the interior of the car to the engine bay. In the LX there's a little foot rest where your left foot would be. Either behind it or near it there's a rubber thing that lets wires pass through to the engine bay, go in there. It gets a little cramped once you get through the firewall though, just be patient and you'll get it.

All of the floor boards pop up and you can run the wire under them. Once I got to the backseat I threaded the wire under the plastic wall thing and then under the back seat, and lastly, under the hinge of the backseat and into the trunk.

Also the tap for the remote wire I want to say is the purple one. I used a wire diagram that I think I found on this site but it was a few months ago so I don't remember where it is.
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