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Which Hondata Basemap should i chose ?

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I have a 2015 Si Coupe w/ 3" K-tuned SRI and a Invidia N1 70mm exhaust . Anyone body know which basemap might be best to use before I go the route of getting a custom tune . Plan on getting custom tune soon probably the same time i get a downpipe.
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There isnt a basemap for the exact mods you mentioned but you could maybe use the PRL intake option to get you by.
Each intake is going to scale differently so it might still be way off. You can monitor via flashpro
The catback really doesn't require a tune so that won't matter.
Alternatively you could wait for your downpipe and install all parts together and immediately have it tuned.

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Im sure somebody online has one available.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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