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So I haven't found a direct answer.

Recently my k24z7 motor died on me, two cylinders aren't working from the sound and the appearance of the spark plugs.
I fear that my cylinder walls are damaged. Hopefully they aren't.

If they are I think my cheapest route would be to bore out the cylinders and get new pistons to make up for the gap difference.
However, if I can find a k24z3 short block that is in decent condition.

Would I be able to just bolt it up to my 2013 civic si's k24z7 head and transfer my bolt ons over to the k24z3 short block?

My z7 is currently full bolt ons:
RBC Manifold from PRL.
Skunk 2 CAI
410 RDX injectors (Plug and play kit from PRL)
rv6 catted downpipe
hasport rear motor mount
stage 4 clutch and light weight flywheel.
K tuned Slave and Master cylinder kit.
3' Full race Catback.
Running E85.
Flashpro Dyno Tune.

Would I have to continue using e85 if I go this route or would I be going back to pump 93?
Would I have to swap ECUS?
If so will my flashpro for my 2012-2015 si work with this new motor?

I was looking all day for threads and found some that were similar but none answered my question to a Tee.
I was always left scratching my head.

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Yes a k24z3 will fit in a 9th gen you just need the k24z7 timing cover and oil pan for the mounts. You might not even need to change the timing cover if you buy something like the hasport universal engine bracket for the k series.
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