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Worth getting tuner with no mods?

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I’ve been looking into getting a KTuner to put into my 9th gen Si. I daily the car and have no plans to boost or really any mods besides exhaust and coils.

I was reading that base maps bring a fairly significant performance boost out of the box and I like the feature to disable rev hang.

I was looking into KTuner specifically over Hondata because I like the screen with the shift indicators. It is also cheaper than the Hondata, which I don’t feel like I need since I’m not going boosted.

Is it worth it to get a tuner with no plans to get any further mods?
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I wouldn't go with a basemap. They are generic maps that aren't tuned for your specific car. Every car, even if it's the same model, is different. I would go with a custom tune.
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