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Worth getting tuner with no mods?

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I’ve been looking into getting a KTuner to put into my 9th gen Si. I daily the car and have no plans to boost or really any mods besides exhaust and coils.

I was reading that base maps bring a fairly significant performance boost out of the box and I like the feature to disable rev hang.

I was looking into KTuner specifically over Hondata because I like the screen with the shift indicators. It is also cheaper than the Hondata, which I don’t feel like I need since I’m not going boosted.

Is it worth it to get a tuner with no plans to get any further mods?
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To be honest base maps are garbage they are only meant to get you by till you can get a proper tune from someone who knows what they are doing. To get the most out of Ktuner or Hondata and your vehicle you'll need to get it tuned remotely or dyno tuned locally from a professional. Just buying Ktuner and slapping on a base map your not getting the most out of the product or your vehicle so I wouldn't bother. To do it right you'll need to factor in the cost of Ktuner plus the cost of a tune and decide if the cost is warranted.
to be completely honest, I’ve heard arguments on both sides. Some people say that the base maps are no good, but others say that the base maps are better than stock regardless.

what about the base maps make them not worth the purchase? Obviously a proper tune would be miles better than a base map tune, but I’m coming from the perspective that my car won’t be heavily modified. Maybe I could get a professional tune later on down the line, but I’m trying to figure out if it is worth it in the mean time.
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