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Hello all! I'm wanting to sell my Devsport Chin Splitter. Unfortunately when mocking up the splitter, I realized that it wasn't going to work with the front lip I have installed, and I had already thrown the box away to be able to return it. The splitter still has its protective plastic on, and installation of the part was not attempted.

It's a high-quality piece for sure, and as bummed as I am that it isn't compatible with my front lip, I'm happy to offer it up to someone else that would want it.

If you've been eyeing this splitter, but didn't want the hassle of the wait time, this might be what you're looking for.
If you were to build this on Devsport page, you'd be paying:

1a. Devsport Chin Splitter + Winglets: $255.00 + tax
1b. Devsport Chin Splitter + Winglets + Support Rods: ~$297.00 + tax

Location: Dallas, TX

Purchase Method: Local Pickup (e.g. police station / high traffic area for safety).

What's Included:
1a. Devsport Chin Splitter + Winglets: $200.00
2a. Devsport Chin Splitter + Winglets + Support Rods: $240.00
** Includes all mounting hardware that came with original box.

Product Page: View Website Here

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* Added pictures to original post
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